Granite Gear Blaze 60 Backpack: A Comprehensive Breakdown and Review

Granit Gear Blaze 60 backpack review

For over a decade, the Granite Gear Blaze 60 has proven itself the gold standard for multi-day wilderness excursions, impressing both novice and seasoned backpackers with its innovative design and unparalleled performance. While lightweight, its strengths lie not in minimalism, but in robust support and versatile carrying capacity – traits that have secured its place as a backpacking legend.


  • Extremely lightweight at just 3 pounds
  • Industry-leading load capacity for its weight class
  • Superior ventilation and suspension for heavy loads
  • Generously sized pockets and compartments
  • Durable materials withstand years of heavy use
  • Fully customizable fit for any body type


  • Minimalist design offers less protection than bulkier packs
  • Hip belt closure can be difficult to remove/adjust
  • Limited color/design options vs. lifestyle-focused packs

Overall Performance

Comfort and load management are hallmarks of the Blaze’s construction. Its Air Current suspension system expertly channels airflow while maintaining steadfast stability under heavy burdens. Padding on the shoulder straps and waistbelt cushions without compromising on structure, allowing hikers to traverse rugged terrain in comfort.

Generous organization features are thoughtfully integrated throughout. Spacious hip belt pockets and cavernous water bottle sleeves provide ready access to necessities. Ample compression points, removable lid, and versatile storage pockets maximize interior space to suit varied gear configurations. With such ample accommodations, complex logistical challenges are easily overcome.

Durability is another virtue of the Blaze’s design. A lightweight yet impact-resistant nylon shell and flexible plastic frame withstand the test of time on the trail. After a decade of continuous use, our review model showed no signs of wear, a testament to its resilient engineering.

Perhaps most impressive is the Blaze’s unparalleled load-carrying efficiency. At a mere three pounds, its weight-to-volume ratio allows it to transport provisions on par with packs twice its size. Whether traversing remote wilderness or trekking great distances, it conquers any terrain with its surprising strength-to-weight ratio.

Accessibility And Ease Of Use

The pack’s numerous pockets and compartments maximize accessibility while maintaining a streamlined aesthetic.

Chief among its attributes are cavernous side pouches fitted with drawcord closures – able to accommodate two standard water bottles each. For additional supplies, generously cut hip belt pockets provide steady transport of small essentials.

A versatile stretch mesh pocket and removable lid expand carrying options further still. Internal compression straps and a hidden front-access zipper allow meticulous packing and quick retrieval of carefully organized cargo.

With 55L of core space supplemented by such expansive exterior features, the Blaze 60 far surpasses its advertised 60L capacity. Methodical testing with ping pong balls revealed its true quantum of carrying potential.

Whether shouldering cooking gear or securing tent poles in place, the Blaze’s compression points guarantee steady transport. Thoughtful details like a reinforced zipper allow bulky items to be safely stowed against the body without risk of unintended exposure.

Through its intelligent layout and durable construction, the Blaze 60 raises the gold standard for backcountry logistical support. Hikers remain free to focus on their journey with such exemplary provisions at the ready. In the Blaze, utility and adventure seamlessly unite.

Weight-to-Volume Ratio

When evaluating backpacks, few metrics matter more than a model’s weight-to-volume ratio – a figure which provides key insight into load-lugging abilities. In this critical assessment, the Blaze 60 stands peerless.

Weighing a mere three pounds, our testing revealed the Blaze to feature one of the industry’s lowest ratios on record. Contrary to expectations, its svelte profile in no way precludes heavy hauling – this unit performs as a veritable workhorse.

Whether tasked with climbing gear or multi-day resupply, the Blaze shouldered all with enviable ease. While lightweight, its durability deserves equal praise. Stress-tested fabrics including 210D Robic nylon withstood extensive abrasion without wear.

Past competitors have proven that low pack weights often correlate to lackluster load support or short lifespans. The Blaze upends such conventions, maximizing efficiency on trail without compromise. Off route, its compact profile packs conveniently into any vehicle or storage.

Through balanced designs that prioritize usefulness as much as mass reduction, Granite Gear has elevated expectations of performance. For thru-hikers and weekend warriors alike, the Blaze delivers unrivaled return on investment in grueling backcountry conditions. Its advantages are as meaningful for seasoned trekkers as they are for novice trailblazers.

In the Blaze 60, efficiency and endurance unite without concession – a formula that has cemented its legend status for good reason. Light yet durable, its strengths are as meaningful in basecamp as on the path less traveled.


Proper sizing is imperative for any backpack aiming to deliver comfort over rugged terrain. In this regard, the Blaze 60 demonstrates commendable attention to anatomical variability.

Its Air Current frame architecture provides not only lumbar support, but also three length options – short, regular, and long – to suit varied torso dimensions. Further customization is allowed through four discrete shoulder strap attachments on each size.

Impressively, the hip belt mimics this adaptability. Spanning from 26 to 42 inches, its Velcro closure can be loosened or tightened to ensure a secure, stabilized fit for bodies of any waist circumference.

While said closure’s rigidity did prove an impediment for rare removal needs in our testing, proper sizing adjustments should be infrequent enough to negate concern. Overall ease of achieving a personalized configuration earns high praise.

Through meticulous engineering inclusive of diverse body types, the Blaze 60 sets the gold standard for customizable carrying comfort. Hikers needing neither compromise nor unnecessary bulk gain a trusted partner readily configured to their exact specifications. Whether through the backcountry or beyond, its tailored fit caters to individuality on the move.

Is the Granite Gear Blaze 60 Worth Buying?

Overall, value defines more than initial cost – durability, versatility and performance matter most over the long haul. By such metrics, the Granite Gear Blaze 60 stands unrivaled among backpacking options.

This model impresses at inception with a competitive price point. More meaningfully, its merits endure for seasons of use: comfortable suspension, meticulous organization and go-anywhere sturdiness satisfy the wants of novices and seasoned trekkers alike.

Whether shouldering climbing gear into rugged peaks or resupply on multi-day epics, the Blaze proves a steadfast workhorse. Its balanced three-pound form feels scarcely noticed despite hauling loads that would cripple lesser packs.

Through a decade of continued refinement, Granite Gear has maximized the Blaze design in all respects. Weight-saving fabrics and suspension elements compromise nothing while expanding its audience.

For thru-hikers embarking on monumental adventures or weekend warriors seeking a lifelong companion, few investments surpass the Blaze 60. Season after season it delivers unfailing support, a quality unmatched by transitory models that fall into disrepair.

In short, yes. We would recommend this pack, especially if the budget doesn’t quite reach the more out of reach price tags, yet overall quality and function really matter.

A Few Other Backpacks Worth Considering

While the Blaze 60 satisfies demands of comfort and load-lugging like no other in that same price range, Here are some awesome, and super popular backpacks that are definitely worth a look or two:

  • Osprey Atmos 65 AG: For those seeking an ergonomic “hug” from their pack, the Atmos delivers top-tier suspension through an adjustable anti-gravity system. Its ventilated back panel further ensures climates remain temperate.
  • Osprey Aether 65: A long-time industry leader, the Aether stands out through meticulous breathability and stabilization and sets the standard for alpine touring applications.
  • UltraLight Equipment Catalyst: Weighing a scant 18 ounces, this model pushes boundaries for barebones minimalism. Those venturing lightly need look no further for unfettered mobility.
  • Osprey Exos 58: Breathability is taken to new heights through the Exos’ trampoline-style mesh and open channel design – a boon for those facing grueling climbs in sweltering conditions.


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